About Me

Hi, I’m Keith Howard.

And I’m the English & Online Education Expert that YOU need to ACHIEVE your English learning GOALS in 2022. 

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Here’s some basic info about me:

keith howard 2021 top 10 lecturer award

Please note: I finished working at RMIT Vietnam in April, 2021.

Here are things that I love:

Testimonials from Old Students:

Testimonials from Former Coworkers:

“Keith has an amazing ability to improve his students skills while teaching online and was often the ‘go to man’ for advice or lesson planning for an online environment. Over the last three years, he assisted me with online instruction and it is thanks to him that my students improved.”

Nigel F – IELTS Instructor & Professional Learning Specialist

“Keith is an all-round excellent educator who has the ability to connect and engage students in his lessons. His expertise in curriculum and technology means he knows what it takes to educate today’s new digital generation.”

Mike W – IELTS Instructor & Former IELTS Examiner

Now that you know a little bit about me, let’s talk about something more important!

How can Mr. Keith help YOU?

6 things that Mr. Keith can do for you (that other teachers can’t):


1) I’m an expert at teaching pronunciation with technology.

Below is my certificate in pronunciation teaching from Oxford TEFL Institute. This was a 6 week course with Mark McKinnon, a well-known pronunciation authority, where I learned the science of speaking clearly.

keith howard pronunciation teaching certificate from oxford tefl institute

And here is a screenshot of my presentation at the English Australia 2021 Virtual Conference – the #1 English Language Teaching conference in the world:

keith howard english australia conference speaker 2021

The topic I presented was about a pronunciation tool I invented that makes it easy for students to check if they are saying words correctly with their smartphones. There were over 50 attendees and my tool was rated 9.4/10 by the audience.

Most teachers don’t have a strong understanding of how to teach pronunciation or how to teach students to practice it effectively to reduce their accents — I do!

This means that I find your pronunciation problems, explain them to you, and then show you how to practice them with technology.

2) I don’t use “hacks” or “tricks” or “secrets” – I use (a lot of) science.

I was a Curriculum Specialist and like to write articles about what works and doesn’t work with online learning. These are the base of my teaching philosophy and the backbone of my courses.

These articles probably won’t be much fun to read for you, but I think it’s important for students to know that their future teacher is serious about their job.

I’m not the greatest curriculum developer in the world, but I have put a lot of time into learning the science behind language learning as well as testing it out in my own classes to see what works.

3) I can help you build learning habits that will last for your entire life.

I believe that the key to online learning is organization.

The teacher must be organized in how they deliver the class, and the student must be organized in how they study. The teacher must also know what the student is doing to study outside of class!

You can read more about the tool I use for this here:

I’ve developed a simple system for keeping track of students’ self-study habits, which helps keep you organized, motivated and leads to greater success in the future. 

4) I make optimized learning videos for YOU.

My favorite part of teaching online is reviewing our class video, finding a problem and making a video of me explaining it.

This is called Video Learning and it’s an amazing tool because:

I have done research on the best ways to optimize video learning:

Video is a huge part of my courses! Now imagine that I’m making videos just for YOU.

5) I make courses for people who are BUSY.

You don’t need to spend half your day sitting in class to improve your English. That’s the way education worked in 2012, which was 10 years ago!

We are living in the future now for education, and the big difference is FLEXIBILITY. A well-designed online course can be completed when the student has time.

With the right science and course design, I have seen students make great progress in as little as 30 minutes a day.

6) I only work with 6 students a month.

I’d love to help YOU ACHIEVE your GOALS, but I limit my number of students to only 6!

This is so I can:

Current Course Openings:

Only 3 spaces are available!

Email me at bigkeith@keithmichaelhoward.com for more information, but don’t wait too long! 


You can also get in touch with me on my LinkedIn.